COVID-19 Restrictions: Please be aware that any events held on campus and/or submitted to the SAFE Form system will be required to adhere to UCF's updated guidance/policies for events, face coverings and social distancing. For more information, please visit UCF's Coronavirus website.

All events on campus that meet the definition of a potentially hazardous event including those sponsored by staff, faculty, departments/offices, registered student organizations and outside organizations must complete the SAFE Form.

From the SAFE form: "Examples of potentially hazardous events include, but are not limited to: bonfires; lighting of fireworks; events involving helicopters or other aircraft; motor vehicle races; gatherings in excess of 200 persons, including unregistered campus athletic events; marches (including any organized walks or runs); parades; any event involving the distribution of alcohol; and any outdoor event requiring electricity."

Forms may be sponsored by staff, faculty, active registered student organizations (as defined by The Golden Rule) as well as Office of Student Involvement and its agencies. Forms sponsored by active registered student organizations (as defined by The Golden Rule) as well as the Office of Student Involvement and its agencies may only be scheduled after the activity has been planned and approved by the Office of Student Involvement.

To register an event, a representative of an active registered student organization must complete a Safety Action for Event (SAFE) form. Submission of the completed form begins the process and assists in obtaining special support services such as Police, Facilities Operations, and Insurance Office. If the organization desiring to sponsor an event does not deliver to OSI a signed (by the organization advisor) SAFE form at least 15 calendar days prior to the date of the scheduled event, the organization may be denied use of university facilities and may not be able to conduct the event.

Fill Out SAFE Form